Elderly Care Sector in Germany

In Germany elderly care is a profession with a future. This is evident considering that according to the most recent German “demographics government report "one of three people will be 65 years or older by 2060.

This means that tens of thousands professionals working in the elderly care are missing. The German Federal Employment Agency is trying to retrain the unemployed and to recruit professionals in several countries.

With a qualification in the sector of Elderly Care you have many possibilities to find a job in one of the different elderly care facilities performing in Germany.

Types of services existing

Geriatric nurses, geriatric care helper and geriatric auxiliary assistants mainly work in geriatric and geropsychiatric departments at hospitals, in nursing and rehabilitation clinics, at institutions providing nursing care or for outpatient and home nursing service providers. They find further employment opportunities at old people’s homes and care homes, at visiting social services, at associations offering nursing care services, at residential homes for the disabled or at bodies providing advice to senior citizens. Geriatric nurses also work in private households with family members requiring nursing care. They occasionally work for care support bodies or for church organizations which also offer care services for the elderly.