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We welcome you on our website! We are glad that you are interested in the care of elderly people.

If you are an applicant:

There are different types of jobs, according to your qualification. We offer details on prerequisites, formalities, vocational training, and further qualification (see navigation).
We provide you with a comprehensive self-assessment tool: AMiCo-Tool. Answering the questions of this tool will help you in evaluating your skills, knowledge, and competences.

If you are an employer:

Which qualifications are there in the applicants’ countries of origin? Here you can find answers to these and related questions.

If you are generally interested:

For those who want to know more about the institutional background of this project, we recommend that you read the section on “The project.”

For further information:

Please have a look at the link lists for the respective country (if applicable).
Of course, in each country there is also a contact person you can ask anything you need to know in addition – please see “Contact.”