Useful links

• CNOSS – National Coordination of healthcare workers- via Orvieto 26 - 0040 Roma - tel. 3484325043 fax 0689281340 - E-mail:
Informations about courses, open competitive exam, legislation.

• FEDERAZIONE NAZIONALE MIGEP - Coordinamento Collegiato - Associazione delle Professioni Infermieristiche e Tecniche - via Motta Santa 44 - 28924 Fondotoce (VB) - tel. 0323496081 - 3387491756 - E-mail:
MIGEP is a trade association that provides information on OSS training courses and how to access to this profession. On the website there are also a section about local regulations and types of contracts.

 • Link to the collective labor agreement on domestic employment:

• Link at the Italian Regions websites:

Other useful links: – Ministry of Education, University and Research website – Gateway to recognition of academic and professional qualifications website – Mobility and Academic Equivalences Information Center website